Saturday, December 12, 2009

How will I look with 400cc breast implants?

400cc Breast Implants: Is this the right implant size for me?

There are many questions you should be asking your breast surgeon before you get 400cc breast implants. Considering the fact that the most common reason for breast augmentation revision surgery is just to change the size of the implants, you will want to be sure that this is the right size for you. How will 400cc breast implants effect the size and shape of your body? This is a critical question that you must answer before undergoing breast enhancement surgery.

Understanding 400cc Breast Implants

Your breast implant surgeon will only be able to estimate how a set of 400cc breast implants will change your breast size. The reason this is true is because: 1) every woman's body is unique and 2) there is no standardized method of measurement from the bra manufacturers Remember that these are only estimates. Contact your surgeon for more information. It is only your breast implant doctor who can most accurately predict how 400cc breast implants will affect your bra size.

What will my breast size be with 400cc Breast Implants?

Generally if you have an A cup today you will most likely be a full C. If you already have a B cup you might be in the range a full D, whereas if you presently have a C cup you will probably be a DD after the surgery. Of course, the best determination of how 400cc breast implants will affect your bra size will be determined by your plastic surgeon. There are several things that can impact these estimates however such as the profile of the breast implant (low, moderate or high), placement under the muscle or over, and more.

Use Breast Implant Sizers To Estimate Your Size With 400cc Breast Implants

400cc breast implants will change your bra size is to get a great set of implant sizers. For example, try wearing a set of breast implant sizers and try out different size ranges. Many patient's thinking about this implant size will buy a set of implant sizers, buying a set of sizers at least 50cc's both on the larger side and smaller side than 400cc breast implants. In decades past you were only allowed to try on breast implant sizers in the doctor's office, but today you can buy a system to use at home on your own time, in your favorite clothes.

Sizers for 400cc Breast Implants

The great advantage with Purlz Breast Implant Sizers is that you can try on your own clothing and even go through your normal daily activities while wearing different breast implant sizes. There is just nothing like an extended trial period of wearing varying breast implant sizes similar to 400cc breast implants to identify which of the sizes is best for your body type. Purlz are test breast implants, created like a bra insert made comparable in size to that of real breast implants. Unlike other sizers, Purlz are a sewn product using a soft fabric shell and filled with small plastic beads. They were made to be very comfortable so that they can be worn all day over weeks at a time.

Are 400cc breast implants the right choice for me?

Are 400cc breast implants the best size on your body? Maybe I should most appropriately answer the question this way: How will you know until you try them out? Your final implant size choice will need to be made as late as the day of the procedure. Try out different breast implant sizes today with the revolutionary Purlz Breast Sizing System. If you are at the point of choosing breast implant sizers, you definitely need to consider the Purlz Breast Sizing System!